• VCU Presents the Future Faces of Music at HC Concert

    Feb. 22nd through the 28th, will be homecoming week at Virginia Commonwealth University. The spring semester’s homecoming celebration revolves around the Ram’s 17-4 basketball team. Every year, students, alumni, and the Richmond community flock to the various events that will be going on.

    The standout event during this week hands-down is the VCU homecoming concert. The concert this year will feature appearances from D.C. hip-hop artist, Chaz French; the reggae- fusion music group, “Magic!”; and Chicago musician, Chance the Rapper.

    Chaz French has been creating a buzz in the hip-hop community throughout the district. His debut EP “Happy Belated” established Chaz French as an impressive upcoming artist, in the first step of an exciting career.
    Chaz French

    All members of “Magic!” are originally from the Toronto area. In June of 2014, the Canadian music group released their debut album, “Don’t Kill The Magic”, which peaked at number 6 on the Billboard 200. “Rude” was the group’s debut single which released in October of 2013 and topped the charts in the United States. The lead singer, Nasri, has been a writer for other artists in the past; to include, ; Chris Brown’s “Don’t Judge Me” from his 2012 album, Fortune.

    Chance the Rapper is a talented vocalist/rapper from Chicago, Illinois with a unique sound that has began to grab the attention of audiences across the country. Chance mixes nostalgic lyrics and drug- related metaphors in an unorthodox, yet catchy manner. His second mixtape, Acid Rap, gained him substantial recognition as an upcoming artist and received positive reviews from music critics. The mixtape featured artists such as Twista and Childish Gambino. The mixtape was a hit, as it was downloaded over 800,000 times. “Juice” and “Wonderful Everyday” are standout songs of Chance’s that showcase his versatility as an artist.


    Tickets to the homecoming concert for VCU students will be available at Breakpoint in the Student Commons for fifteen dollars, and twenty dollars for one guest. The general public can purchase tickets at the Siegel Center on VCU’s campus for thirty dollars. Doors will open at 6pm on Thursday, the 26th .

  • p.ART t.RAP - January 14th

    On Wednesday Jan. 14, Slapdash RVA hosted a two part live art/ live music show, with some of the most artistic souls in Richmond.

    Slapdash RVA, known for the yearly Epic Fest and many other shows is regarded as being at the forefront of RVA culture. This last Wednesday the Part Trap event featured several Richmond artists, an animated disc jockey routine from DJ Gringo and a headlining live painting from Philadelphia artist Distorted.

    With the three RVA artists; Silly GeniusP.T. Carroll, and Justice Dwight painting on the ground level, Distorted created her piece on stage during a production set from Swellthy.

    As Distorted and the other artists finished up their paintings the performances began.

    The stage was warmed up with an impressive freestyle from Nico Del Yato. The first set performance was North Carolina rapper, Jaguar Perry, who gave the crowd an electrifying performance, ending with a freestyle of his own.

    Next up on stage was Rich City artist Tee Rxmeo, who performed a couple of his recent releases including ‘I Don’t Know’.

    After a short break, Noleac Yahsin and Devyn Symone performed a set consisting of the full Maktub EP. Noleac Yahsin gave a particularly emotive vocal performance, heightened by the cool colored video backdrop behind her for the length of the performance.

    The night at the Camel was an experience that tapped all of the senses. An event like this really highlights what it is that makes Rich City the culture capital of Virginia.

    Octavion and Cain McCoy put together a successful showcase. It is no mistake to call Slapdash RVA the most active cultural event firm in the city.

    Give the event gallery a look here.