Jay Bordeaux

Jay Bordeaux has been a resident of the Richmond area since the age of seven. With an art background stemming from figure drawing and graffiti, he has collected a wide skill set to make his art stand out amongst other local artists. His self-described style is “surrealism/realism/impressionistic”,which covers a lot of ground in the two-dimensional realm of arts. Being the only Art III student back in his high school he was given the opportunity to showcase his talents on a wall within the school.


“[It was] one of my first murals I ever did” Bordeaux said.


But after high school, art was put on hold as Bordeaux pursued a business major at VSU, a concentration he really didn’t want to do.


“Dad made me cause he was paying for school, but mom told me to do what I am good at, and I was good at art,”Bordeaux said.


He was placed in a higher art class at VSU and had to “really step up over that one semester”.


When asked about where his inspiration for his work takes root, Bordeaux said “I initially wanted to create my own world, drawing comic books”.


Of course overtime Bordeaux was exposed to more iconic forms of inspiration as he looked into some great artists. His favorite artists include High Renaissance painter, Albert Durer; satirical street artist, Banksy; and after developing an understanding for his work, Bordeaux took great interest in Basquiat.


Bordeaux stressed as an artist he wanted to look at the other artists purely for inspiration.


“You pay homage to the people...influence not copy,” Bordeaux said


Bordeaux was true to his words as we saw his work whisper of external influences, yet scream with his originality. Every art piece belonging to Bordeaux had at least one of three recurring themes: strong use of colors, a focus on women’s beauty, and Bordeaux’s emblem.


"My style..a lot of color”


When asked about his preferred mediums, Bordeaux said his preferred medium varies.

“I don’t have a preferred medium, I do too much. It goes between painting or prismacolor, sometimes drawing,” Bordeaux said. “My favorite is prismacolor...they blend so well”. In the “Stained Glass Gundam”(pictured above) the variety of hues, coupled with meticulous detail, instantly captures the eye in a way that makes it difficult to not stare in admiration.

“First of all I love women”


Immediately after viewing Bordeaux’s work for the first time, I noticed a lot of women. When asked about this trend in his artwork, Bordeaux went into detail of his love for women.


“Women stay in my head...I mean they’re the reason we’re here!” Bordeaux said.“And I love my mama.” The piece above is one of a few pieces of a new trend in Bordeaux’s work. He has moved from isolated depictions of females to a concentration on couples.


Bordeaux marks his art work with his own unique stamp. He uses a crown with three arches and a dash through the middle of the crown to make his work "immediately recognizable without a signature".

This crown with a scratch through it was used by Bordeuax early in his childhood and actually derived from a signature of his father's. After putting off using the signature for years, Bordeaux returned to marking his portraits with his crown after getting into designing clothes for "The Come Up" (TCU) clothing line.

Bordeaux has been apart of various art shows this past year including the Chilalay Social and being the main feature of an art show at Cute Botique in Richmond. On June 20th Bordeaux is expected to stand amongst other great Virginia artist at the RVA Expo showcasing his talents.

To see more from Jay Bordeaux visit his gallery by clicking here. Also keep up with Bordeaux's work through his tumblr DopefromBordeaux.Tumblr.Com and his instagram @JayBordeaux.

- Josh Edwards