Mutant Academy

FlyL.O.Kon. Fly anakin, Henny L.O., and Koncept Jack$on--the body of Mutant Academy, (MA). This group of young MCs shows there is promise in the Richmond hip-hop scene. You will be hard pressed to find a group of spittas that can mesh, flow, and sample beats as well as MA can. Many listeners first hand will say they are just another 90's rap group in 2015. But, the members will tell you with some animosity, that they aren't trying to bite off the flows of the golden age years but rather simply just want to create dope music. MA has had features on notable hip-hop sites such as The Source and Pigeons and Planes of Complex and many others. Slowly but surely, the rest of the US is starting to wake up and realize that Richmond is the beez-neez. We largely accredit MA for that.

- Sterling Giles