• Best Tracks of 2015

    2015 was a GREAT year for music in general. The #DMV music scene was impressive as well. It was extremely difficult to compile our favorite tracks of the year but we somehow managed to trim it down to 60 tracks, (in no particular order). Many talented artists were left out but we feel this is the "creme of the crop". Among the playist are fly anakin, Chance Fischer, Goldlink, Rob Milton and many others. Enjoy!


  • Welcome Week Playlist

    The likes of #VCU#VUU#VSU#UR and others have more or less finished their first week of the new semester. So go ahead and bring the weekend in with dope music from #RVA artists such as Dr. Millionaire, fly anakin, and Supa Soop and also from artists such as Drake, Kanye West, and Fetty Wap. Enjoy and don't do anything we wouldn't do!

  • VCU Homecoming Pre-Concert Playlist

    There is a buzz of excitement on VCU’s campus as students wait anxiously for the upcoming homecoming concert set for this Thursday. In the meantime, read up on the performing artists: Chaz French, Chance the Rapper, and Magic! and also enjoy the playlist below.

    Chicago native Chancelor Bennett better know as Chance the Rapper, will be headlining the homecoming concert alongside pop band, Magic! Chance released his first project, 10 Day, in the spring of 2012. Some of his standout tracks on the mixtape include “Juke Juke” and “Brain Cells”. The two songs contrast one another: “Juke Juke” consists of a groovy, yet upbeat vibe sampling from Biggie Smalls’ “Big Poppa”. While, “Brain Cells” is a more somber track in which Chance reflects on the psychological damages weed and pharmaceutical drugs poses. However, it was Chance’s second project, Acid Rap, which garnered major recognition. “Juice” and “Cocoa Butter Kisses” are unanimous hits on this project. “Juice” is a record that has Chance almost boasting about his recent claim to fame. “Cocoa Butter Kisses” is a richly produced, nostalgic track in which Chance reflects on how smoking cigarettes and weed has denied him affection from his mother and grandmother. The track also has features from Vic Mensa and Twista.

    The act following Chance The Rapper is the Canadian reggae band, MAGIC!. Lead by their singer, Nasri, the band rose worldwide recognition after the release of their 2014 debut single, “Rude”. The band has a unique sound that has earned platinum awards in the US, Canada, and the UK. Magic’s debut album, Don’t Kill The Magic held two breakout tracks that are expected to be performed at the concert this week; the hit “Rude”, and “Let Your Hair Down”. Both of these songs display the band’s magnetic Caribbean influenced sound. “Rude” is an upbeat song, based off of a relationship of Nasri’s in which he sings about gaining an unwavering father’s blessings to marry his daughter. “Let Your Hair Down” is a mellower track from the band, that carries Nasri singing about a budding romance between him and his song’s subject.

    The Homecoming Concert’s opening act is the up and coming rapper Chaz French, who has been making waves in the D.C. community. Chaz was met with a hugely positive response and a growing fan base since the release of his debut project,Happy Belated. The D.C. native, released the project late 2014, and has been on the rise since, touring around the east coast.Happy Belated is an 11 track project with several standout songs including; “Watcha Know”, “Came Down”, the Goldlink featured “LMGLM”, and “The Vent”. “Watcha Know” is the first darkly produced banger, which Chaz uses as an opener to the heavily self-inspired album. “Came Down” is an aggressive, Kris Minor produced track with the full potential of producing a riot. “LMGLML” is one of the album’s more reflective track, carried with a smooth hook by Goldlink, Chaz open about personal struggles and broken relationships. “The Vent” is exactly what the title implies. Assisted by a recognizable Kanye West sample, this song closes out the EP with an unforgettable intensity.

    Listen to the VCU Homecoming Pre-Concert Playlist here:

  • Spring Break ’15 Playlist

    Spring Break ’15 is right around the corner! The Rich City staff complied 35 songs; new and nostalgic, that we thought would best serve our readers as their go-to playlist for the week. We pulled songs from the hip-hop, RnB, and even reggae genres to put to together the right mix of sounds to capture for Spring Break. As part of our playlist we threw in some appropriate tracks from several #RichCity artists as well including; M.arques B.erryJake BarkleyKoncept JacksonLyrix AnthonyPeter $un and Lounge Coast. On the mainstream level we’ve included fitting tracks from; Bob Marley, Ice Cube, Schoolboy Q, Chance The Rapper, Pharrell, Dom Kennedy, and Kanye West.

    The Rich City staff wishes all of you an easy week off from classes, and we hope our playlist will get you through it!