Vanilla Summit

Normally, when a group of college kids get together—nine times out of ten, they are involved in things their mothers wouldn’t be proud of. But, this group of college kids have formed an ensemble and produced music their mothers and all family members can be proud of. Heck that all musicians can be proud of. The band consists of Virginia Commonwealth University students Alec Gary and Nathanael Clark. Alec’s twin brother, Ryan, is also in the band and attends the University of South Carolina with the band’s bassist, Avery Jeffry. The band have released its first and only project, Expedition EP, in April of this year. The project is a culmination of vibrant, soothing expression executed with fastidious attention to musicianship. Alec, guitar. Nathanael, sax. Ryan,drums. Avery, bass. Enjoy the future of jazz.

- Sterling Giles