• @flyanakin & @KonceptMYT - You Never Know

    As much as Mutant Academy, (MA), hates to be labelled as having a "90's sound"--we are sorry but that is the vibes we get from their video, "You Never Know." This is the first video from fly anakin and Koncept Jack$on's collab EP (produced by GriMM Doza), The Mandate, released late last year. The dark, yet vibrant and slightly trippy visuals complemented with layered shots of the MCs and the Richmond city streets executes the gritty vibe of the track perfectly. Another classic joint from the MA camp.


  • @1marquesberry - BTW

    M.arques B.erry, (MB), is known for his introspective tracks--but being able to see it on the screen made his lyrics truly come to fruition. "BTW," produced by Gerontae Carter & BravestarrBeats, is the last track on MB's latest album, The Grey Albumdissects the mentality of black youth in today's culture. The highlight of the video comes towards the very end in which MB holds a Crown Royal sleeve. But, to our surprise, Berry reveals a memoir by Booker T. Washington. This represented a contrast in Berry's thinking and the mindsets of his peers. MB calls us to reflect on black history and to stray from the destructive paths most black youth are currently traversing.


  • Allen Cattell- Washed Out

    Allen Cattell, a Virginia Beach born & bred artist, lays down a mellow mood for the kids with this one. “Washed Out” amplifies the laid back lifestyle of drinking a cold one on the beach with your good friends. But listen closely and he is also periodically telling a narrative about a mysterious girl that he’s had an off and on relationship with. Some of you might find this track familiar sounding and that is because Allen is flowing over the song “Feel It All Around” by one of his favorite bands-- Washed Out, who inspired the title of this track.


    Allen is currently on a college tour that includes Radford University, James Madison University, Old Dominion University, George Mason University, & Longwood University. Additional schools are being added on a rolling basis during the tour. He will be performing in Richmond, VA very soon so be sure to grab some drinks and come watch the rising Virginia Beach artist. Find him on twitter and soundcloud